Experience of use Varikosette

A real vision of cream Varikosette we sent Natalie in Paris.

Varicose veins

Today, it really is not clear why this disease occurs. Has the value and the hereditary predisposition, and walk to work, and pregnancy. But when it arose, with the need for some form of living. It is not easy, knowing that if you heal once and for all is impossible.

The diagnosis of varicose veins" I've been in the past year.

I realized, you need to take to treat this problem, and if it is not let to follow its course, it is perfectly possible to improve the quality of life. Need to constantly be accompanied by a doctor - флеболога (or the surgeon), performed for treatment of the exchange - to drink medicines and to apply the cream, for the treatment of varicose veins.

If you do not get lazy to comply with these recommendations, the state will be much better.

Before that I consulted a physician, a year suffering from "heaviness in the legs" is a symptom so-called as something uncertain, but, in truth unpleasant: as if your feet are small bags with sand tied up. I would like the legs to lift and pull. Even the walk was difficult, at times, this gravity is felt in the morning, already when you wake up - it was unpleasant phenomenon.

Treatment: pills and ointments

Cream Varikosette

After that I took the exam, now twice a year, I drink a course of medicines, I try to not let the drag, the gravity, and always pay attention in the ointment, which are designed for the application of a patient with venous insufficiency.

Totally different, there are ointments to the sale, and, so to say, formal, healing ointment, that are sold or transportation. There are remedies, such companies have a network of distributors, on the website of aliexpress. I recently threw, I want to see what is this cream.

But, for now, you purchased that I saw on the internet - cream Varikosette.

Cream Varikosette

This cream is suitable for the treatment варикоза. The tool for the feet, part of Троксерутин is known the tool and still there are plant extracts that help to improve the circulation of blood and energy cells, pain relief, decreased fatigue, and, as it is written in the instruction manual, contribute even the dissolution of blood clots.

A tube of cream Varikosette

Blood clots I have, fortunately, is not shown by the search "Duplex of the veins of the lower limbs".

The cream I decided to try: it can be, it can help me relieve the unpleasant symptoms.

Must say that the course of tablets is sufficient for several months. And now I don't have this acute state, as it were, before contacting your doctor.


The cream is packed in a plastic tube, looks like a beige ointment. He will need to use in a specific way.

I do as well, as taught to me by the surgeon.

Method of application

First you need to make showers for the feet, the output of cold water, and then the point, the internal line of the thigh, in a straight line, from the groin to the heel I put cream. The more I put it on the skin until absorb. It does not leave feelings of viscosity.

Packaging of cream Varikosette

With the use of consumption means quite cheap.

My results from using cream Varikosette

The experience of using the cream Varikosette

The action of this cream I liked I can't say that it is a panacea, but the effect is, it has a calming effect.

Now I feel much better. Of course, I spent a month ago, if you know, but and the cream acts efficiently.

Advantages: Plant composition of savings.

Disadvantages: High price.