Laser treatment of varicose veins

How is performed the treatment of varicose veins laser? Readings for your operation treatment. Contra-indications to the surgery. Procedure of operations. Rehabilitation during the period of treatment varicose veins laser.

laser treatment of veins

The treatment of varicose veins laser applies the minimally invasive forms of therapy. Laser coagulation varicose vein is performed without cuts. Through a tiny hole is made the impact of directional radiation in the blood and the vascular wall. Frightened vienna pasted, and after some time, it is completely eliminated from the bloodstream.

Laser treatment varicose veins good, that does not require the introduction of general anesthesia (performed with the aid of local anesthetics) and does not need much time to be in a hospital.

Readings for the operation of intervention

The laser treatment is performed in the expansion phase, the mouths of the vessels venous not more than 1 cm, vascular, the drawing still has not undergone significant changes, and the dead vienna pass exactly with smooth curves. As the branch they are healthy or have a small extension.

Therefore, an absolute indication for the treatment of veins, the laser is zero, or the first phase of the inflammatory process. Varicose veins should only affect subcutaneous vienna.

Laser surgery is performed on small areas of the affected pathological process of vienna. When this occurs, the minimum defeat of the adjacent tissues.

If the process has passed the second or later phase, is affected by a deep vein or scared a significant phase of the vascular bed – the treatment is ineffective.

The advantages of such a procedure how to remove varicose veins laser are:

  • brief stay in the hospital's surgical;
  • there are no large incisions in the skin coverage, and, as a consequence, no loose seams;
  • laser removal less traumatic, phlebectomy;
  • quick recovery;
  • missing scars, scars, bruises;
  • minimum use of analgesics;
  • the minimum number of side effects;
  • vein treatment is performed under the constant supervision of the ultrasound equipment.

Contra-indications to the operation

In case of defeat deep in the veins, or the presence of a second (and further) stage of development the realization of laser therapy is ineffective. In medical practice, there are also relative contraindications, and absolute for the accomplishment of this procedure.

The absolute contraindications to, when do not treat varicose veins laser, relate to the following:

  1. The presence of thrombophlebitis.
  2. There is a great probability of formation of blood clots.
  3. Chronic processes the blood and the lymphatic system.
  4. The execution of a pathological process that affects the venous wall.

If you ignore these contraindications, there is a great possibility of development of a massive thrombosis and/or damage to the venous vascular wall.

The absolute contra-indications relate to the inability to lead an active lifestyle and/or use the compression driver clothes. The implementation of these points is important during recovery, when the type of the procedure, as the treatment of varicose veins with laser.

With such a procedure, such as laser treatment of varicose veins of the lower limbs, there are relative contraindications.

These include:

  • the presence of a focus of inflammation at the venue of the operation;
  • the chronic disease in the acute phase;
  • pregnancy;
  • feeding breast-feeding;
  • the excess of weight.

Having such condition, you must take your body back to normal: to cure the chronic processes, to translate the acute phase of a long remission, and only then make the intervention operational. If you do not pay attention to it, eventually, to the development of multiple complications, both venous systems, and on the part of the body affected.

During the pregnancy, and the presence of excess body weight, very significantly, increases the pressure on the legs, which leads to complications during therapy of veins in legs laser as during the conduct of anesthesia, and during recovery time.

The treatment of varicose veins in the legs with the help of laser is difficult or complex technical execution, if identified, the following processes:

  • a high probability of the occurrence of a massive bleeding;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • the system of allergic reactions.

Another of the disadvantages of this method of therapy is relatively large, the cost and the lack of all the cities of highly qualified professionals.

Methodology of operation

With this disease as the treatment of varicose veins is laser performed on outpatient specialised clinics. The hospital must, necessarily, be special equipment — ultrasound equipment, which works in real time during the surgical intervention.

In some cases, it may be the local time for the relief of pain, but there is the possibility of doing without it. If a patient is very nervous, we recommend that before carrying out the procedure of drinking assigned doctor sedative medicines.

The technique of therapy of veins in legs laser includes:

  1. Introduction corrupted the vessel through a small incision in the skin of the led. The led as a source of laser radiation, which is constant or pulsed nature, has a wave length.
  2. Under the influence of radiation occurs, the expulsion of the blood of the victim of venous thrombosis of the vessel. When you do this, the wall of the vessel to fall and after a certain time to get together. He stops fully functioning, like the blood flow is stopped.
  3. The circulation of the blood after performed therapy laser enters the deeper venous mainstream, which is in the thickness of the muscle and the visual may not occur.
  4. The duration of the surgical intervention for the treatment of varicose veins, feet not to exceed an hour and a half (about 30 minutes of a lower limb).

Vein treatment with laser is a method without any injuries, as well as the impact only affected the wall and are not affected nearby tissues. The radiation has a wavelength of 1500 nm. The hemoglobin is in the blood pathologically changed from vienna, absorbs the power allocated to the laser. When you do this, the process that formed the thermal energy, which glue to the affected venous walls, between themselves, from the inside to the outside.

After some time, in the place of vienna, is the formation of connective tissue, which over time resolved.

Immediately after the completion of an operation of the veins, it is expressly forbidden to drastically raise or change the position of the body, may occur collapse of the vascular.

You should:

  • slowly, without any sudden movements to sit;
  • stand up without bumps, with care.

To remove veins on the legs, the treatment should start with duplex scan. This procedure is mandatory for all the patients that the doctor advised this method of therapy.

The rehabilitation period

Before performing the removal procedure varicose veins laser must buy clothes, exerts compression properties. Its size and the degree of compression, the patient should discuss with your doctor.

the operation of a laser

If it is detected a varicose veins are veins in the legs, the preventive treatment should begin exactly with the application of compression clothing immediately after performing a surgical intervention. You should use it constantly (not withdraw) for two days.

If you take the pathological vienna it was possible, without any complications, the doctor may allow you to take photos at night. The duration of use determined by the speed of education of the connective tissue.

In the first week after the transaction is completed, undesirable to give a lot more pressure on the lower limbs.

You should avoid:

  • lift heavy objects;
  • visit the sauna or the Turkish bath.

If the woman has treated the disease laser, she recommended:

  • hiking performed the foot;
  • cycling;
  • swimming.

There are some general recommendations that you should run all of the patients diagnosed with varicose veins. Particularly worthy of calling them to the attention to the patients, in which the operation was performed.

These include:

  • the strict control of body weight;
  • it doesn't take a lot of time in the same posture;
  • get rid of the habit of sitting "walk on foot";
  • eradicate the habit of smoking;
  • use shoes with heels not higher than 5 cm;
  • recommended every day take long walks.

Many women are concerned with the question about the effect of depilation and epilation when varicose veins in the state of the venous system. Waxing when the disease can accomplish. For this procedure is the most suitable to shaver, whose use is more secure when this condition.

Laser hair removal also has the right to exist (which is the removal of unwanted hair without touching and injury shallow of the capillary network). But preferably, before this procedure to obtain the advice of your responsible, doctor-phlebologist. Laser epilators are considered the most secure devices in the early stages of varicose veins.

Hair removal when varicose veins of the lower limbs is strictly prohibited. To perform this procedure, there occurs the destruction of the follicle bulbs, which results is an injury to the small capillaries venous.

From the foregoing it can be concluded: the sooner the diagnosis was varicose veins in the legs and the treatment performed with a laser, the more successful and without any type of consequences will be the post-operative period. Recovery occur within a few weeks, and the patient can lead a life, forgetting about their recent problems.

For the modern man of varicose veins has become a disease very common, suffer from it, men and women, and any age. From year to year varicose veins of the lower limbs, according to statistics, has been more youthful. In addition to the unpleasant sensations in the legs, the disease has a negative impact on the health, the person is not able to be active and working all 100%. Previously this problem, you can correct only a surgical method, but modern medicine offers a new way of dealing with varicose veins.

the laser treatment

Laser treatment replacing the traditional methods of treatment, which allows you to quickly, effectively, and painlessly resolve the problem varicose veins and again to be in great shape. The essence of this method and what are the opinions after application of a laser treatment?

The essence of the method of removal from the vein, the laser

Laser coagulation is another name for a laser treatment, in european countries long ago began to use this method if the problem varicose veins. It allows you to get a positive result quickly and painlessly, and, therefore, has become the most basic way of dealing with varicose veins. The operation procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and occurs as follows:

  • the doctor makes the patient local anesthesia;
  • after that, it is inserted into the vein of a light guide, connected to the laser device;
  • the laser has an impact on the wall, so as to not affect other tissues, glue them;
  • the doctor monitors via ultra-sound for the progress of the operation, which gives a 100% guarantee of success.

This method allows to treat not only the big sites veins, with it you can solve the problem of small spider veins. The next day, after the operation the vein of a patient back to family life. Such a method has many advantages in comparison with the surgery:

  • the minimum period of rehabilitation;
  • the lack of a starting point of the pain syndrome;
  • the operation under local anesthesia;
  • the operation lasts for a short period of time;
  • resistant to the therapeutic result and high efficiency;
  • non-invasive;
  • the possibility of performing an operation of simultaneously at both ends.

Before the doctor prescribes a laser treatment, the patient necessarily pass ultra-sound, as well as full-duplex or triplex scanning. This avoids the risk of complications after surgery.

After the completion of the laser operation the patient is put on the foot of compression stockings, and he should resemble about 40 minutes , under the supervision of a medical doctor, after which he can leave health. Compression of the bed should remain in the body of the patient who, within 2 days, you can then take it off only during the night. Necessarily for the second day should come to the doctor, but the socks on your feet, you should use it constantly for 1.5 -2 months.

Indications and contra-indications

Laser treatment of varicose veins is not suitable in all cases, here has its limitations and clear the indications of this method. Before you even perform the surgery, removal of the extended veins, the doctor must make sure that:

  • the extension of the subcutaneous tissue and the large vein in the leg, in the region of the mouth to a maximum of 1 cm;
  • the low number of advanced segments of veins;
  • both subcutaneous vienna (small and large) have leveled the course of the stem to a light guide could perfectly pass in the veins of the legs.

There are a number of contraindications, local and general for the performance of procedures of laser operation. The number of contraindications, which include:

  • the tendency to thrombosis;
  • the attendant of the disease in the acute phase, they should do in the first place;
  • diseases of the circulatory system feet of chronic character;
  • after performing a laser treatment of the inability to move actively;
  • if this is not possible immediately after the operation using the compression of the bed, for example obesity.
the lack of a vein

There are also indications of the character of local inflammatory changes in the area of planning of the intervention and, when in large subcutaneous vienna in the leg strongly enlarged the trunk.