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Cream Varikosette against варикоза

Cream Varikosette against варикоза

Cream Varikosette — the latest development of scientists, designed to deal with most of the manifestations of varicose veins. Overview of innovation of the medicinal product below.

Varicose veins — a common disease. Signals interrupt the normal functioning of the venous valves are marked almost 90% of the women and of the order of 65% of the men that live in developed countries. in Austria, the following figure: 67% and 45%, respectively. The main causes of the development of the disease are considered: heredity, sedentary lifestyle, the long-lasting presence in the standing position, pregnancy, obesity, dysfunction of the endocrine system, is prohibited.

In the early stages of the disease, the person feels discreet, pain in the lower limbs. You receive the gravity in the feet, convulsions may occur (especially at night), swelling. On the surface of the skin can meet the so-called "varicose veins".

Varikosettedeveloped by the famous company Hendel, is an innovative solution for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins.

  1. Their main characteristic is that it demonstrates high performance in the different stages of the disease, bringing the patient considerable relief.
  2. Thanks to carefully chosen components, the tool has an excellent veno restorative effect, as well as разжижает blood, it stops the process of formation of blood clots and eliminates the symptoms of venous insufficiency.
  3. The regular use of cream Varikosette gradually eliminates the tension, the pain and the swelling. Health of action of the drug remains within a few hours after application on the affected area of the skin of the integument. The composition of the cream acts very gently and carefully, without running the risk of developing complications.
  4. Very effective is the tool and for the purposes of prevention – for this reason it is recommended for people who have a predisposition to the development of варикоза. The cream has a positive effect on the veins of the wall, giving them the necessary elasticity and strength.
  5. In addition, it helps to intensify the processes of circulation, to normalize the metabolism of the tissues and reduce the permeability rate of the whole system of the veins and blood vessels.

Cream Varikosette — output for those who have the earliest forms of development варикоза. The tool restricts vienna, restores the blood circulation and causes the walls of the blood vessels strong and elastic. Passes the pain, the weakness, the gravity on the feet of within 1-2 months. The treatment is full, the vessels fully restored. Also recommend the use of the cream for prevention, if you have a genetic predisposition.

It is important to keep in mind that the cream Varikosette with the self use, is not able to completely eliminate all manifestations варикоза, however, in the integrated system of therapy, it contributes to the increase of the therapeutic effect in dealing with this pathology.

How it works the cream Varikosette

How it works Varikosette

Until recently, surgical intervention was considered to be the main method of treatment варикоза. At the same time were the tablet and the special knitted compression. And that is, literally, a year ago, the pharmaceutical market in Austria, appeared a tool of high efficiency, which surprised even флебологов.

Cream Varikosette it was created by scientists over 5 years. Your foundation make up natural extracts, obtained from ecological plant native to Asia. The production is carried out through technology, применяющейся for the German manufacturing natural cosmetics, Hendel. This technology is designed to maintain the medicinal plants the maximum amount of its medicinal properties. In the result, the active components of the tool have a powerful regenerator and оздоравливающий effect.

Thanks to a natural relationship cream promotes:

According to the opinions of medical reference cream варикоза Varikosette to their patients, the positive trend in the initial stages can occur in 90% of cases. On execution, the form of cure he can't!

Photo before and after the application Varikosette

Before and after the application of the cream Varikosette, photo 1Before and after the application of the cream Varikosette, photo 2Before and after the application of the cream Varikosette, photo 3

Composition Varikosette

About 80% of the components — plant extracts, and only 20% of the components are active chemical compounds. Among them, no parabens, dyes, GMO products.

Natural ingredients:


Components Varikosette are absolutely safe for the health. Целебное action of each one of the ingredients proven by hundreds of tests and clinical trials.

Where to buy the cream Varikosette in Austria

In the pharmacy, in Austria Varikosette deliver in limited quantity and are sold to a medicine with the supplement. So the price of factory it is best to book the cream on the official website. On the order form, leave your number, after 20 minutes, call the manager for information zip. Sent back the next day.

Price Varikosette the promotion is 49 € ! There may be other discounts, stay tuned for new information on the official website.

A comment from a doctor

Dr. The surgeon Peter Peter
The surgeon
Time of service:
8 years

Surgery is the last resort in the treatment of варикоза, so, of course, up to a phase in which the disease is better not to bring. The use of cream Varikosette will help get rid of this unpleasant and dangerous disease, without the use of "heavy artillery" — the operation of removal of the veins. The cream helps to reduce the blood clot in the capillaries and normalization of blood circulation.

Almost immediately after your application pass the sensation of pain. Efficiency Varikosette it is proven to do not only with practice — testimonials from patients in Austria, that this cream has helped — but in theory: studies were carried out clinical, until the cream has received a certificate of quality. Therefore, this medicine is excellent and completely safe method of treatment of варикоза, without complications and side effects.